Flo-More Steam Chest

72 in diameter by 40 ft overall height, dual sparge design 100% stainless steel inside and out, structural support mounts for rigid mounting

Flo-More Single Drum
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3 screen grain cleaner, hoppers plus discharge, adjustable brush cleaning design, rugged construction, dust tight for outdoor installation, available in 24,36,and 48 inch diameter drums.

Flo-More High Capacity Drag Type Grain Scalper

Available in 48 and 68 inch wide by 25ft long screen deck, multiple discharge points available, heavy duty gear box drive, dual sprocket and chain conveyer with UHMW paddles, removable covers for maintenance.

Flo-More Electrical Over Hydraulic Pump
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30gal reservoir tank, vickers pump, replaceable cartridge filters, 7.5 horse power motor


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Flo-MoreĀ® products include Replacement Rolls for Roller Mills and Flaking Mills, Rotary Grain Cleaners & Scalpers, High Capacity Drag Scalpers, Heavy-Duty Elevator Legs, Conveyance Equipment, High-Efficiency Steam Chests for cooking grains prior to flaking, Hydraulic Reservoirs with Pumps and Custom Fabrications.


Our "Customer First"approach to business supported by a large inventory of Spare Parts, Mobile Field Service Technicians and Millwrights, Roll Grinding Corrugation Equipment and a Modern Machine and Fabrication Shop make us the "Go to Company" in the industries we serve.

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